Terrified to touch it... lol

So I’ve been running for about a year. I’m on 2.1-2. I started at the very, very beginning of this and made some of my own customization’s (feeding fr24 and now adsbexchange). I bolted on dump1090-mutability back in the beginning. I would love to “get current” with the configuration. I guess I’m just wondering how easy it is in others’ experience to blow it all away and start again? Specifically, adding FR24 to start automatically. Can’t remember how I did it and just don’t want to take the time to figure it all out again.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the base piaware install contains dump1090-mutability, yes?

Comments or if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

ps - obj, what’s coming in 2.1-4???

Please do NOT try to upgrade sotware on EXISTING microSD card. Leave it as it is. Purchase a new microSD card and do a fresh install of latest versions of all software on the new card. This way you will have your old microSD card intact to fall back, if something goes wrong with the upgrading.

For installation of latest official data feeder for raspberry pi, visit this page:


abcd5567… that, my friend, is the greatest piece of advice… all I can say is… DOH…

And to make life a lot easier jprochazka did created a script github.com/jprochazka/adsb-feeder to get the install from scratch.

No, it’s still the flightaware fork of dump1090 on the sdcard images. For now, at least…

ps - obj, what’s coming in 2.1-4???

It is mostly just fallout from the expiring certificate problem + some misc cleanup that may help with reconnection problems.