Some how-to's from mgunther

I was asked to put some of my instructions that are scattered over various threads and posts together in one place. Some of you may find it useful.

Install dump1090-mutability on a Pi

Feed local VRS installation with both ADSB (dump1090) and MLAT (fa-mlat-client) positions

Install FR24 feeder on a Pi

This should be made sticky.



Very helpful. I agree with Kabuse, this should be made sticky.

perfect - you did it - thank you :slight_smile:
only complain - title is somewhat shy and misleading - my suggestion: ‘MY BEST ADS-B HOW-TOs from mgunther’ and then made sticky on top from fa staff


Burned through 4 hours of trying to the 1090 mutanilty development and then ad the piaware vie this

I know these errors would happen

(Reading database … 78986 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace piaware 2.1-3 (using piaware_2.1-3_armhf.deb) …
Unpacking replacement piaware …
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of piaware:
piaware depends on tclx8.4; however:
Package tclx8.4 is not installed.
piaware depends on tcllib; however:
Package tcllib is not installed.
piaware depends on tcl-tls; however:
Package tcl-tls is not installed.
piaware depends on itcl3; however:
Package itcl3 is not installed.

dpkg: error processing piaware (–install):
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Processing triggers for man-db …
Errors were encountered while processing:

But these steps would not complete

sudo apt-get install -fy

This will enable automatic and manual (web-based, via your request) PiAware software updates. Set to 0 for the opposite (default).

sudo piaware-config -autoUpdate 1 -manualUpdate 1

It always came back with something is missing

I have my original mut dev ver on a 32 GB card with the piaware 2.1.2 and everything set up fine with his original post above but with 2.1.3 i could not get install work for nothing I think I tore all my hair out trying to figiure what i did wrong…and backed up…but was trying to make some fresh installs with 16gb cards so I could take them to my brothers place

Im not sure what im doing wrong

I can not get the fr 24 thing to start up using this script above ugh… the other post on here om asy share with fr24 works fine ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/easily-feed-flightradar24-from-piaware-t19956.html not sure of what the diff is