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This is going to sound dumb, but is dirmngr installed? I had an error much like that on some OS (forget which one now) and ultimately fixed the issue by installing dirmngr. Different flavors have different default packages. Worth the few bytes of space to ask I guess…

It’s a perfectly good question but yes, it’s installed.

When all else fails, take out a bigger hammer:

sudo apt install -y aptitude librrds-perl libhttp-daemon-perl libjson-perl libipc-sharelite-perl libfile-which-perl libsnmp-extension-passpersist-perl
wget https://goo.gl/yDYFhy -O rpimonitor_latest.deb
sudo dpkg -i rpimonitor_latest.deb
sudo /etc/init.d/rpimonitor update
sudo /etc/init.d/rpimonitor install_auto_package_status_update

That “should” work without all the key crap - AND it will get you up to the latest dev version that includes drag & drop.

You can also download and add keys manually, don’t you?

Just reinstalling the RPI monitor. I have managed to get the temps showing and lose the null items that were appearing by sticking with the original install and not using the debian one. Thus I have an PI version running, with temps. :slight_smile: However one little glitch,

root@odroidn2:~# sudo systemcrl stop collectd rpimonitor
sudo: systemcrl: command not found

root@odroidn2:~# systemcrl stop collectd rpimonitor
Could not find the database of available applications, run update-command-not-found as root to fix this
systemcrl: command not found

root@odroidn2:~# sudo systemctl start collectd rpimonitor
get this error on the stop command. As you can see the start command appears to work.

I think you want “systemctl” (SystemControl). In your command you have “systemcrl”.

That all went through without any errors, thanks. Just off to bed so will check it all tomorrow.

thank not the creator of that, just a cut and paster. the owner might want to correct

I would be really cautious about just copying and pasting random commands without at least a passing understanding of what you are about to do.

Your first command has a simple typo in it, replacing the ‘t’ with its next door neighbor ‘r’.

Looking at each command, you have a ‘start’ command that is working in one, and a ‘stop’ command that is not working in the other. What is different between them? Why is one systemctl and the other systemcrl?

A quick google search of both commands would set you straight.

If you are going to make a habit of running unknown commands on your computer without even trying to understand why, you are going to spend a lot of time fixing things that never should have broken.

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Well I’m a massive bell end.
I got it installed and then something suddenly occurred to me.
The Pi-Star image works in read-only mode. The entire file system is locked down. Of course, I took it out of read-only mode to install RPiMonitor but there’s no way it’ll work if it can’t write the SD card.
RO mode wasn’t stopping it installing but it simply won’t work once installed.

Got the dreaded “soft throttling” happening, CPU and GPU are only ~54ºC.

Also made the mistake of installing ADS-B Receiver for the collectd graphs but in the process have not only lost the Piaware status page (500 error) but Skyview is broke (stuck loading). So going to need to do a clean install.

Thanks for the scripts people have posted, have added it to my own RPi Monitor.

The amount of time I’ve wasted chasing annoying bugs only for it to end up being something like this.

That image looks quite interesting. I really need to get round to doing the amateur test at some point.

I added the SDRAM voltages to the CPU.conf.
You’ll have to edit and drop in and adjust the line numbers depending on your config.
I stuck new entries at the end of the dynamic section and under the Soft Throtted section.
Left some context in the web.status section below.

dynamic.34.source=vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_c

dynamic.35.source=vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_i

dynamic.36.source=vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_p


web.status.1.content.1.line.15="<td>Soft Throttled:</td><td>" + Label(data.softthrottled,"==0","no","success") + Label(data.softthrottled,"!=0","yes","danger")+ "</td><td>" + Label(data.hassoftthrottled,"==0","no","success") + Label(data.hassoftthrottled,"!=0","yes","danger")+ "</td>"
web.status.1.content.1.line.17="<td>SDRAM_C Voltage:</td><td>" + data.sdram_cvoltage + "</td>"
web.status.1.content.1.line.20="<td>SDRAM_I Voltage:</td><td>" + data.sdram_ivoltage + "</td>"
web.status.1.content.1.line.23="<td>SDRAM_P Voltage:</td><td>" + data.sdram_pvoltage + "</td>"

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I have tried it on my Ubuntu AMD64 system and it partially works:

Did you add avionics.conf to /etc/rpimonitor/data.conf?


I don’t think it works fully with Intel hardware.

Many thanks to @mikkyo and all other members. It helps a lot to modify my RPiMon.
I also modified/created new some icons.
Only version dump-1090-mutability v1.15 is not shown; because it’s no longer maintained…

Right. You’d have to change commands to intel versions, many of the Pi specific things obviously won’t work if the command only exists or functions on Pis.

I don’t see this line in your data.conf


You have to create that file with the contents from

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I’ve included the part also in my RPIMonitor successfully. By removing the non existing services i obviously made a small layout mistake as it shows “nul” in one line. Any ideas?


Not to be unfriendly: Do you WANT people to guess your configuration?

I don’t use this software, so i won’t venture a guess.
But i recommend you post the configuration that results in the problem, pastebin works fine for this.

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