I can’t figure out how to use my own routing. If I use the optional routing in step 1, it doesn’t show up on the next page. How can I plug in my own route, eliminating the airways?

What was the origin/route/destination?

If it doesn’t show up on the next page that means we were unable to decode it. You can QuickFile with it but we can’t do the comparative planning with it.

I was trying to go DAL-LAS via

worth6.tcc pgs.tyssn2

the next page only lets me use the J routes, which I was trying to eliminate.

I think you’re a cycle ahead, WORTH6 is not yet a valid SID for KDAL. Try entering WORTH5 TCC PGS TYSSN2 as your route.

Nope, still doesn’t work. wants to sent me via j72 fti, etc.

Did you enter the routes in all caps with spaces instead of periods?

I just tried entering it exactly as it was in my previous post and it worked; the first route on the next page is your route.

What Mark suggested.

Perfect. All caps and no periods did it.