I FREAKING HATE IT!!! OK, not really. In fact, not even an ounce of hatred towards the new version.

Suggestion/idea, but then again, I probably missed it. Suggest fuel stops that are closest to the suggested route. I was goofing off and made up a flight plan from RVS to BFL. Now, the plan did note that the amount of fuel to make it was more than the PA46 would hold, so that was a plus, but I think it would be cool, as well as helpful, to have suggested fuel stop points with prices, say, within 50-100 miles of deviation from the route.

Again, I might have missed it, but if it isn’t there, I think it might be a good idea.

Where can one add an alternate? There’s no input for it on the first page, though the second page notes that it’s missing.

Alt popped up for me to the right hand side after I put in my “to” airport.

[quote="pika1000Alt popped up for me to the right hand side after I put in my “to” airport.]

Ah; I got it to work. I was using Tab to navigate; looks like the javascript is waiting for mouseclicks.

Thanks very much.[/quote]


Seems to be broke for me as I can’t get past the first input screen.

I get.

Unable to find a valid cruising altitude within the limitations of direction of flight, origin and destination airport altitude, and available performance data.

KMBO to KEKY with KBHM as alternat I used. I didn’t change any other values to the slider bars on the altitude.

One thing not clear is what to put in the optional route? If it’s blank, does that mean GPS direct? Maybe a help page or mouse over tips may be useful for fields of that nature. DUAT, I believe you can put the word direct in that type of field for routing.

Mark / Daniel, I think you put in the POH values for my Sundowner from what I emailed?? discussions.flightaware.com/view … 9856#89856

Everything said valid or OK (green print) when I peeked in the profile of the plane, but I didn’t want to change anything.

I wonder if leaving the Altitudes intact that the max altitude exceeds the max ceiling of your aircraft?

Just to test your theory, I didn’t move the sliders on the altitude and got the following (using PA46 as the aircraft)

Altitude Min 8,000 feet (You selected 1,000)
Altitude Max 25,000 feet (You selected 51,000)

Doing your suggestion, I selected 3000 minimum and 9000 as maximum and no joy.

My gut feeling is that it points to the performance data like I encountered in the other thread I posted here. I don’t want to “break” what I think Mark put in for performance values since everything shows valid and ok.

I will have to agree with tylergriffin that it’s cumbersome having to use the mouse selecting airports. I just typed in and tabbed through completing the fields and the alternate didn’t come up nor did the “choices” for fuel prices come up at the bottom for me to click on.

Good points, it was just a suggestion :slight_smile:

BTW, KPAE (where I work) only shows Jet A. We have a ton of G/A planes here :smiley:.

I’m all for it hence me trying what you thought! :wink:

Not the first time “I broke” something :smiley: :smiley:

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 5387#65387

Hey guys- Any way you can make it so we can plan to Bahama airports? On the site I use right now for flight Planning I can file all the way down to MBPV.

I’d be nice to use this site to flight plan.


Any way the flight planner can display the distance in nm? Also, any way flightaware can display the distance of a completed flight? FA displays the distance right up tot he point the plane arrives, then it disappears.

flyboy97222: We’re working on expanded international coverage.

The flight planner displays the distance for each segment in the navlog, as well as the point to point airport distance.

Thanks Mark-

I’d rather use y’all instead of the “other” guys

I’m sorry, I forgot about that. I was mostly looking at the first page.

Is the mileage shown on the active tracking page in nm or sm? Why can’t that be displayed at the conclusion of the flight?

Flight planner not working

Service Interruption
We’re sorry, but FlightAware has encountered an unrecoverable error and is unable to process your request at this time. Please wait a few moments and try your request again. If the problem persists, please contact us.
Error ID: 951585
Service Interruption
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The error is you weren’t logged in. I wonder how you got there. Try logging out and logging back in to the site.

Thanks for your response, sorry I just noticed it. I was logged in but when I clicked into flight planning it wasn’t registering I guess. I think I cleaned my cookies and re-booted my machine and tried it later, successfully. 8)

Mark and Company,

Hey guys I was in KHOU last night and I tried to file a plan form KHOU to KFXE in a non-RVSM LJ25.

First you don’t have the -25 in the database so I tried using the LJ35 profile and when I went to pick my route (I put FL430 and FL450 in the slider) and it showed two routs and said that no ALT was available so I wasn’t able to pick a route.
Is that cause I picked a FL above RVSM airspace?

You should widen your altitude range because the flight planner recognizes you’d have to step climb to that altitude.

Also, when/how did you get into KHOU last night? I was delayed overnight in KCLL due to the wx (VV001 1/16SM FG BR) until the vis went up to 1SM.