Taking the plunge

I filed a FA flight plan and will fly it tomorrow afternoon. I will give feedback tomorrow night. N438MC if your interested.

next time I fly domestic I’ll give it a shot

For what it’s worth, you can file (but not plan) intentionally now on FA.

I hope he files intentionally!!

If that’s the case I’ll file with y’all! 

It works nicely for the filing part :smiley:

Couple of “weakness” I still see in this whole process is getting the weather and editing the flight plan.

I can’t get my briefing through here as once it’s sent, the briefing link vamoosed.

And if you want or need to change something in your flight plan, you can only cancel and start over. This morning I need to evaluate if I can go GPS direct or I have to go airways since freezing level is projected to be at my altitude for GPS direct.

So, I still have to use DUAT or other services for the two above limitations even if I had evaluated 3 hours before departure for route plannnig. (too close as of this post to be able to, fully understand for flight plan revision)

You can get all your previous briefings from flightaware.com/flightplan/manage/flights (from your other thread it sounds like you may have already discovered this).

Ohhh, something changed as it looks different then what I saw this morning.

When I went in this morning, I had both flight plans (outbound and return) and the departure (KMBO to KEKY) showed filed and my return had another status (sent?). Going on memory on this, so I may have the status mucked up.

I couldn’t get to this mornings flight at all to even view the briefing. But as you indicated in the other thread, that you will be kicking around the idea of getting a refreshed briefing since yesterday’s briefing obviously wouldn’t be good for today prior to flight.

I think my problem ran in that 2 hour before scheduled departure time frame.

Well, the flight plan was filed properly, but:

The planning process is still a bit cumbersome. On the baggage weight field you have to highlight the zero to get rid of it, also the departure time has to be entered every time you go back to that page, I filed 4 flight plans for the incorrect time, even though the proper time was showing in the departure time field.

Let me select the altitude! I was not able to see fuel burn ime data for FL 400, it only had available altitudes as 320 360 380 and 430. Us biz jet guys like to go higher.

One of the flight plans I filed had PNE-PBI as being 4 hours and 8 minutes, I re-filed it, and it came up as 2:32 (accurate) must be a bug?

I still had to use the fltplan.com weather, wind, and fuel burn data because I did not print the flight plan at home, and was unable to access it after the flight plan was filed, Allen touched on that above, but remember, pilots are cheap, I’ll file the flight plan at home, but I’ll be damned if I use my own paper to print it! (remind me to put 3 cents in my expense report for electric)

Inability to make changes without canceling the flight plan, and filing an entire new one. This adds a lot of time to the process, last minute trips and changes are a way of life in the 135 world.

I think the fuel burn data was fairly accurate (it was within 150 pounds) but I can’t tell you exactly because I was not able to print it.

Are you guys planning to use DUATS to file forever, or are you looking to get linked in with NADIN and use DUATS as a backup? Purely curiosity there.

To sum it up, not bad, but still time consuming.

Did you guys enter your own aircraft info or use the info already in the planner.

I imported (copied) the BE23 stock into my hangar and modified it to my flying habits (lowered speeds)

Used the info from FA, with my custom fltplan.com #'s as a backup.