FA needs some work



First, entering the performance is a pain… I just gave up. Didn’t work. It locked up and didn’t take it after a long time…

Also, would be nice to see winds, and have a profile for different altitudes based on winds, with step climbs and changing altitudes based on winds.

Also, a search for low priced fuel would be nice. Hate to stop in somewhere when the next town over will save me a buck a gallon.

However, Keep up the good work… hope you’ll fix things…



Wow, 2 posts in just over 3 years! Work keeping you kinda busy there, Larry? :wink:


We agree; send it in via email or fax and we’ll be happy to enter it for you.

We’re working on support for step climbs.

Good idea!


Sent in C650 performance for entry. Can you tell me the time line after sending before it will be available to use.


Thanks, we got it and should have it online in about a week (still facing a bit of a backlog after the announcement).


Thank-you for placing the performance into the database for the C650. I want to mention about the different climb profiles. I see in the climb profiles with four to choose from. When you highlight you cannot see the whole description. As an example, the Anti-ice, I can see (Anti-ic and that is all to the right. Was wondering if it can be abbreviated and shortened to see the whole line. Thank-you again for your work on this.


What browser are you using? In Firefox and Safari the drop-down box is wide enough to see the entire description.


Internet Explorer 7


In the flight plan form, by changing take off weight, I get more available flight level information. It would be nice if all avialable altitudes were displayed within flight level range, without changing take off weight.

When entering FP information, the performance drop down boxes are not big enough to show full discription.


At high takeoff weights higher altitudes may not be available because a direct climb isn’t possible and we don’t support step climbs yet.

The fix for IE for the drop down width should be on the site this afternoon.