Error: Unable to decide route


Hey all! I’m trying to view the actual flight path, position by position, of a flight from earlier in the week, but when I hit the “decode” button for the flight plan, I get:

Error: Unable to decide [sic] route (BAYP0 TAY J75 CAE J51 FAK DPNT4)

I seem to be able to view decoded plans for planes that are in the air; does FlightAware just not store the data once the plane lands?



The status of the flight has no impact on our ability to decode the route.

The problem with that route is we don’t recognize BAYP0; looks like it should be BAYPO or BAYPO1 instead.


That’s odd. I guess USAIR has just consistently filed a flight plan with a typo in it? You’d think they’d be smarter than…oh, wait.


:laughing: Funny guy!


It is more than likely a canned flight plan. Hopefully someone will catch it the next time US Airways transmits the canned flight plans to the FAA.



Seems that error shows up on this flight. … /17FL/KLAX

Could it be oh’s and zeros causing problems?


The problem there is that the route ends with a jetway instead of a point.