Route Search

Can you search part of a route and find all the flights that fly over/on it?
Like a search bar that we could type in part of a route/flightplan to find all flights that fly over a particular VOR/airway.
E.g search all flights that fly over the ‘VLN’ VOR… etc.

I think this would be a really cool idea because we could see which flights will fly over us and when they will do so. :slight_smile:


As far as I know, no. At least not right now.

Same here…

Well, that makes three of us…
It would be a cool feature to use

You COULD do a little detective work if you wanna go about things the hard way…

1st - get out your high-altitude charts (or low if you’re interested in general aviation). See what airways use nearby navaids. In my case CSN (Casanova VOR) is one a lot of planes fly to. Checking out my old H-4 chart shows that they’re following J48 which basically links the northeast with Atlanta.

So I check FlightAware’s Origin-to-Destination page and search what planes from airports in the NE might use J48 to get to ATL. LGA comes to mind, so I check KLGA to KATL:
and I find lots of flights between those two airports. Clicking on the individual flights, I see that the routes filed do indeed include J48! So add LGA to the list…

Next, how 'bout JFK…?
Ain’t too many, but they do use J48 - add JFK to the list…

How 'bout BOS…?
Yep! They use J48 too - add BOS

How 'bout PHL?
By golly, I see J48 in the routes there too!

Looking beyond Atlanta, I see Tallahassee, Florida follows that general direction… but no flights listed. I checked LGA to TPA (Tampa, FL) and found that they use another popular airway (J75) over my area for that route.

So it looks like J48 is pretty much the road from NY/Boston to Atlanta.

It would be so much easier to type-in “j48” and get a list of all the flights from BOS/LGA/JFK to ATL in a chronological order…

Is this something that can be done, dbaker?

this what i have been doing NeedleNose, I live in England (UK) and see transatlantic flights on airways UM140 and UN20 going to airports mostly EBBR, EBOS, EDDL, and EHAM.

Today I saw Delta flight 124 going to EBBR on airway UM140 :slight_smile:

  • which is the 1st flight i have tracked using this flight tracker and i am pleased to see that it actually works, unlike all other flight trackers i have used which are no way near as accurate as this one :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just i dont want to have to type in the airport code and search all flights en-route to this airport because it takes too long, It would be a lot quicker and easier to just type in ‘UM140’ or ‘UN20’ in a search bar to find all flights going through these airways.
And, I have seen many rare airlines on these airways and i would like to find out where these flights have been from/going to.


i think it would be a great idea!

something like a VOR/waypoint search engine for routes. type in the VOR, hit “search”, and list all the active plans that include the said VOR.