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Great site! I happen to stumble on it at work when I “Googled” a topic of interest. I don’t remember what it was.

Question on the IFR Query? Which I think is cool, showing the actual path an route taken.



When they fly the jetways, are they flying to the VOR and/or Intersections on that jetway? Meaning MBM J136 BIL, If there is an intersection, VOR or navaid on that jetway (J136) between MBM an BIL, are they flying to that to keep them within the jetway? If I remember correctly a jetway is 8 miles in width.



There may be additional VORs on J136 between MBM and BIL, unfortunately I don’t have the chart for that area. On newer airliners they use GPS to keep themselves on the jetway instead of relying on the VORs.


I don’t think there’s a need to show additional VOR’s on an airway in FlightAware. All you need is the start and end. It’s like driving. All you need to know is that you get on the freeway at ABC on-ramp (and exit at the DEF off-ramp. There could be dozens of exits in between but it doesn’t matter because you are not using them. The only use they would have would be to confirm the driver is still on the right freeway.

Intermediate VOR’s, which the pilot would know of because the aeronautical chart he should have, would be the same as the intermediate off-ramps in my example. Nice to know but not needed when descriping the route taken. After all, you would tell a friend that you took I5 from Point A to Point D and would not say “I took I 5 from Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D.”


I suppose since airlines use GPS as their tracking, it answers my question.

It is like a highway up there, from what I see within my flightsim with all the airways an jetways.

If you’re on J136 (for example, I don’t know if it’s an actual jetway) for 200 miles, GPS is keeping you on course for the entire 200 miles (on J136) instead of flying across an intersection on J136 (just for an examle) to keep you within the 8 mile wide jetway.
So, I’de be cheating myself if I added an intersection in the ACTUAL flight plan? (that didn’t call for one between navaids on the jetway)

Older aircraft are equiped with GPS? Like for an example a 733 with all analog gauges no glass.

I love the idea that I can create an actual flight plan flown within my Fligh Sim.


Airways are defined by a series of navaids and intersections. You generally only indicate ones on a flight plan where you are getting on or off the airway. However, you use all of the navaids or intersections along the airways to ensure that you are on the airway and complying with altitude restrictions. If you acquire a chart and read the legend, it will tell you how to determine when you should switch from one navaid to the next.


Is there an easy way to take these routes and put them into MSFS to use, or do you simply have to “read” them and put them in manually?


Complicated question. What planes are you flying? Add ons? Freeware? Payware?

There’s planners that build plans and convert them for MS, but the two biggest planners are pricey. If you’re just looking to use the MS planner to make the plan you see here, then you must pick the departure and destination airport and let it build the way it wants, then go to the map page and modify it manually. It’s a hassle.

FSBuild is one planner than builds realistic flight plans, and allows you to import them into MS so the GPS or external weather program can read it.

FS Navigator is another one, but it works inside the simulator and is a bit different to use. http://www.fsnavigator.com/

There’s a couple more, but those are the two most commonly used.

Personally, to use the plans you see here, you must use the MS planner and then modify it manually by deleting waypoints and dragging the flight track to the proper waypoints across the map.

With a professional level payware plane in MSFS, you can use the FMC and input the flight plan the way pilots would.


I know someone posted in the VATSIM forums a link to a website where you input a plan and a MSFS .PLN file will be generated… I’ll stop by in a few minutes with the link.


here ya go! fsroute.com/ Note that not all SID/STARS can be correctly generated (As I discovered, you MUST put a space between the SID/STAR and the transition, so SUMMA6.LKV becomes SUMMA6 LKV in the input), so you may have to do some hunting to find what waypoints are in the SID/STAR.


Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for. :smiley:


Thanks, all the time I spend on forums, I never new about that site.