Detailed Flight Routes -- International


(I’m new here.) I fly international to Latin America a lot and I’m always flying over cities wondering, “What city is that?”. Where online can I look at my route ahead of time, to see what I’ll be fly over?


Routes change all the time depending on many different factors. You can use FlightAware to track the aircraft’s historical routes, but they might not be the same every time. And international flights are dropped once they leave the FAA airspace.


Why don’t you consider the purchase of a handheld GPS unit? I use mine (an iQue 3600 by Garmin) quite often when I fly.


so…you use a gps inflight do you? I thought THAT wasnt allowed. Of course, one could hide it from the FA’s…


Why’s that not allowed? He never said it was a primary source of navigation.


You’re missing the point that he’s referring to using a GPS as a passenger on a commercial carrier.


Ya, just assumed he was a pilot.


Yes, I use it as a passenger. But why can’t a pilot use a GPS for primary navigation? I see ads for them all the time in the magazines.

The one thing I remember from JROTC: Assume: ASS out of U and ME


You can’t use a handheld GPS as primary for IFR operations. VFR is just fine. (you don’t need any equipment for VFR navigation, just two eyes)
Lots of aircraft these days are equipped with handheld GPS units hardmounted to the panel, but they are not approved for use as primary for IFR navigation.


well it was my understanding that one could NOT use certain electronic devices while a pax on commercial airliners…like say a GPS. Dont get me wrong…I would LOVE to use one and know exactly what the planes position was. I dont currently own a GPS but would buy one if I could use it on airliners. Dont mind bragging that I live in the city that makes the best GPS units…Olathe KS! (Garmin HQ)

                        Doug :smiley:


You’re correct. When the flight attendants tell you to turn stuff off you should do it. If you don’t, the engines will stop and the wings will fall off.

Seriously, it’s not going to hurt anything, but if they specifically ask you to turn it off you should do it. That said, what they don’t see won’t hurt anyone.

It works best when held near the window. :wink:


The cheapest handheld aviation GPS with an international database preloaded though is +$500, isn’t it?

To much for me to be able to look out the window from FL380 and say, “that’s Tegucigalpa.” And risk an over zelles passenger screaming, “he’s using a GPS, were going to die” :wink: and the FA taking it away like my 4th grade teacher did to my handheld football game :frowning:


I would LOVE to use a GPS (once I buy one) on a flight so that I would know what city I’m lookin at out the window BUT knowing that the F/A’s have almost total control of the cabin I wouldnt want my brand new GPS unit to be confiscated. Also, there’s the possibility that some loudmouth fellow passenger snitching on me. All that said, If I find that lots of fellow aviation enthusiasts are regularly “sneaking” GPS units aboard airline flights then I’ll give it a try! On my last (night) flight from KC to Orlando I WAS able to ID Memphis, as it as a unique layout being on the Mississippi and all. Overall though, I found it much harder to ID cities and other items at night. It woulda been nice if the cabin was dark but of course THATs not gonna happen…some of the pax might get scared!


I have an iQue 3600. I have had no problems taking it on several trips with Southwest. In fact, the Southwest inflight magazine says it’s okay to use when you can use other portable electronics.

The display can be turned off while the GPS is still receiving signals. This way you are able to get a flight from gate to gate. One drawback to the iQue 3600 is the battery life - don’t expect more than about 2-3 hours using the GPS function.

The one thing you need to remember is to sit next to a window. It’s best if you aren’t over a wing due to the GPS signals reflecting off of them.

List price is about $550 or $600 (with the highly recommended automotive bundle) but you can get it at Amazon for much less. You can also get Pocket PC versions of the PDA with GPS.


I know from personal experiences that a handheld GPS is an approved electronic device on Southwest airlines. I take my Garmin 296 all the time.

Note, you must be in a window seat for the antenna to see the outside world. Isle seats won’t make the cut for receving the signal.

For a list of airlines that allow GPS devices on passenger flights, go to



I have always sat in the window seat to use my GPS. Didn’t try it on an aisle seat nor an isle seat. Is the isle seat the one in the middle? :smiley:


They only let important people sit in the isle seats. Those are the ones with palm trees, sand, and coconuts.


Totally agree with you on how the wings will fall off if you don’t turn off your “electronic devices.” I hate that word. If something is wrong, it’s wrong whether somebody see’s it or not.