Frontier Airlines GPS policy


Havent flown Frontier in years…has anyone used their handheld GPS inflight on Frontier OR know their current policy? thanks!


Here’s what it says in Frontier’s inflight magazine on portable electronic devices:

It’s not a noise thing, it’s an interference thing. Feel free to use electronic devices when the Main Cabin door is open. When the Main Cabin door is closed, all electronic devices must be turned off and stowed for taxi and takeoff.

Devices permitted for use after takeoff include: handheld games, portable tape and CD players, and laptop computers. It is permissible to use cell phones for game, camera or MP3 use, as well as other two-way handheld computers (e.g., BlackBerrys, Palm Pilots) in “Airplane” or “Safe” mode, which stops the device from transmitting a signal.
The display must clearly indicate that the transmitting capabilities are off.
Devices should be placed in this mode prior to stowing for takeoff. Wireless devices for laptops, remote controls for DVD players and handheld games wirelessly linked to other handheld games are prohibited.

Devices prohibited for use in-flight include two-way communication devices (without a “Safe” mode), televisions, remote-controlled toys,
AM/FM, and VHF or CB-style radio transmitters/receivers. All electronic
devices must be stowed for landing. After landing, the flight attendant will
make an announcement letting you know when it’s safe to use your cell phone.

GPS isn’t specifically mentioned as being permitted or not permitted so I say they are permitted by default.

The magazine archive is located at


Well I tend to agree with you! That said, if a flt attendant tells me to turn my GPS off I will, dont want to get in trouble with the feds, eh? I also plan to be discreet about it, but would like a definite yes or no on the issue so that I could attach my Garmin to my window with the suction cup device (as I have with other airlines) and enjoy it hands free.


On a flight on Southwest I attached my Garmin to the window. Had no problems with the flight attendant. However, be careful. The GPS vibrated lose and feel between the seat and the wall. The way it landed broke it. Garmin fixed it (it was under warranty) and I’ve never attached it to the window again.

What I do is put it on the tray table edge nearest the window. Still get good reception and there’s chance of it falling accidently.


I flew Frontier to Costa Rica and back last summer, F/A’s had no problem with the GPS at all.



well thanks Seat- good to know! Of course, Frontier and Midwest recently merged so…I wonder who’s rules they now operate under? Apparently Midwest has some pull…thus the cookies!


Why do you need your GPS on a commercial flight?


Top 5 reasons

  1. So I know what that city or mountain or … is below.
  2. So I know how far we’ve gone
  3. So I know how far we have to go
  4. Amaze my friends when I show them that my maximum speed in the car is 609 mph
  5. I’ll be able to save the lives of everybody aboard the plane from a crash when I here the frantic voice of the pilot saying all of the navigation equipment is out and they need someone to save the day with a GPS


I may be wrong on this, but just something to keep in mind.

Even though the carrier may or may not explicitly mention it, FARs for Part 121 operations may prohibit it. So just be careful with it in use on the flight. Gods above forbid that someone thinks that you’re a terrorist because you’re using it… :unamused:



well you have a good point…its a matter of knowledge. IF indeed Frontier allows the use of GPS devices but the pax dont know that one of them may in fact spaz if they see me using mine, and call a flight attendant. I doubt this will happen, but I shall be discreet. As you know, most of your fellow pax dont even see you during flight unless they walk by to use the head and of course I"ll be on the window seat.


I’ve only used a GPS on Southwest. No one in the crew has every made a comment about it.

I did have a talk with the pax on the seat next to me on one flight. He said he’d be using his GPS on his next flight.


I have used GPS inflight without problems on Southwest, American, and USAir. Frontier?? Well…they are a whole different animal :smiley:


I have, with my scanner. FAs and passengers thinking I’m a terrorist because I had it in the inside pocket of my jacket. One couple got up and moved seats after calling the FA to me. Another wanted me kicked off the flight. This was with SWA and AWE. The only ones that actually didn’t bother (or didn’t see it) were ROK, and UAL, which had Ch. 9 anyway.



Scanners are specifically prohibited on Southwest.


They have no reason nor authority to do so.


I checked several airlines’ web sites to see what their policies are on scanners:

American: not mentioned
Continental: Banned
Delta: gave up trying to find what’s allowed during flight
Southwest: Banned
Alaska: not mentioned (GPS are not allowed)
Frontier: not mentioned

Why do you say they have no authority? I can understand why thy have no reason to bann them because they don’t transmitt.


Everything that receives transmits.

Are you asking about carrying a receiver or using it?


Radio scanners don’t transmit. They only receive.


I have the same question and perhaps that’s the root of this discussion. The airlines can, and frequently do, prohibit the use of almost anything while in flight, from satellite phones to electric razors.

But there are very few things they can prevent you from carrying with you and a scanner isn’t one of them.

I was referring to carriage in my earlier response, not use.


Understand now. I’ve carried my scanner on several flights but did not use it.