Frontier Airlines A-320

Anyone flown on one of these recently? I hear they are pretty new and have video screens in the back of every seat (direct tv). Do they have any kind of airshow display? If so then maybe I wont have to bring my GPS to track our flight.

If they are like JetBlue - and I believe they are getting their system from JetBlue - then they will have a map displayed on one of the channels. I would still bring my GPS, though. You’ll get a much better idea of where you are. When I was on JetBlue, the map showed very little detail.

They definitely are like JBU. Big difference is that for people who purchase the cheaper tickets, you have to pay for the DirecTV service. Those that choose the ‘classic’ tickets get it for free. They do have the same type of map that the JBU flights have, so if you want more, you’d have to bring something personal.

But IMHO, the cookies make it all worth it. They are retrofitting all of their A319s and A320s with ovens (a la MEP) to bake the cookies midflight.


well that sounds fine. Believe I’ll still bring my Garmin to get better detail as to our position. I hope that the Frontier flight attendants dont hassle me for using my GPS inflight. I have had those cookies you mentioned when flying MIdwest down to Florida and you’re right…they are GREAT! We have never flown on a jet with the little TVs aboard…I suppose they will keep my teens entertained for the 3 hr flight…might even amuse DAD.