Cool Feature Request

I would like to start out by saying I love what you guys are doing for the aviation community. I think that that you guys are an invaluable resource to us!

One feature that I was wondering if is possible to implement is related to the mouse overs. You can currently mouse over the airspeed to convert from knots to mach and vice versa. Would it be possible to implement a mouse over for the route portion,specifically for the VOR’s used in a route. For example, If PMD is used in the route use the mouse over tool to determine that it is the Palmdale VOR. This would eliminate having to look it up elsewhere. Would this be possible to implement? Just a Thought!

Anyone else think this would be useful?

Thanks Again!


We have some improvements in mind for navaids, and I’ve added this request to the list in our issue tracking system (open to the public).

I’m not sure how that would be useful. I mean, if the flight plan is no where near another VOR or intersection with the same name, then how could you confuse it?

Another “cool feature” request:

Guys, ever think about implementing a chat room?

I’ll second that motion from Tobyz1 on the “chat room”!!!

not that hard with a phpchat plugin