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Feature Request for PiAware: where to submit


I would like to make a few feature requests for PiAware. What is the best way to do so?

I’m not sure that this site is the best place for it.


Just say your request already, the subforum is called “Feature Requests and Ideas” after all.


@wiedehopf: wasn’t sure that it was for piAware or for FlightAware only … :slight_smile:

So here are some quick requests. Disclaimer, I’m a new user (48 hours) so some might be redundant and some might be hidden features to me. Also I happen to be a private pilot (with some IFR trainings) so my use cases might not be as appropriate for some.

So here is the list without any particular order:
1 - Extra layers: FlightAware is displaying high and low IFR routes. It would be nice to have them and have also a layer with the arrival and approach routes.
2 - Changing the color coding of the planes and path to not be showing the altitudes but other parameters (like flightaware shows the plane departing or arriving a selected airport.
3 - Display of the vertical speed next to the plane on the graphical maps
4 - Ability to select the columns in the abbreviated table. VS is important for me, number of messages received is not.
5 - Flight path projection: It’s great to have the trail but it would be nice to have the projected flight path based on speed, turn rate…
6 - Display information like Metar for a given airport, Winds reading for the region displayed
7 - Control for the opacity of the overlays.
8 - Highlight the flight plan path if one has been filed for the plane. It might not be publicly available so not sure how feasible that feature is.
9 - On the forum, add the option for people to vote for a feature request so that priority of request can be assessed. Discourse allows to do that. :slight_smile:

That should do it as a starter!

Thank you,


Take a look at https://github.com/alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html

That might do at least this for you as well as maybe you can modify it to display routes.

You can do that by editing
and replacing line 1572:
showColumn(infoTable, "#vert_rate", !mapIsVisible);
showColumn(infoTable, "#msgs", !mapIsVisible);

This will hide the message count instead of the vertical rate.
(If you use alkissacks modifications i’m not sure if you can do the same or how the display is there anyway but still wanted to mention it)

On the feature request part of our post: Good luck :slight_smile: