Route Search


Is there anyway Flightaware could add a route search tool? For example, I live under En-Route J42 that planes generally take when departing DFW towards the south with their destination being east… It would be nice if there was a tool to search any part of a route like J42 and Flightaware would pull up all fights with that in their flight plan. Im not sure if that would be a security issue but seeing as the routes are already shown I don’t think it will be. Thanks!


Can you explain a bit more how this would be a useful feature compared to what’s already available on the site?

Why would it be useful to see who’s flying J42 in NJ when you’re in TX?

What need/interest in spotting overhead isn’t satisfied by the current airport maps?



This would be a handy feature to help people know what type of plane is coming down an airway (or over a fix) hours in advance. It would take plane spotting to a whole new level - I could know that a 748, An-225 or A380 (or whatever) is coming over my home (or wherever) and when it will be there.

I know of know other way to gain this kind of insight without doing a whole lot of detective work.


I actually did not know that there was another J42… Sorry about that but I still think it would be useful. Developers could have it to where one can pick a section much like

Needlenose, how do you figure out if planes are or not?


Basically, you need to know what city origins and destinations use the particular route. For instance, in my case, J75 is the route used for traffic originating at northeast airports such as Boston, NY and Philadelphia to destinations like Charlotte, Atlanta and Western Florida. Also many European flights flying to those destinations use the route as well!

Search all possible city pairs and see what comes up.

Like I said, it’s “a **whole lot of **detective work”!

A route/fix search would make things a whole lot easier.


Isn’t the J42 in NJ the same one in Texas? Sort of like the interstate. I40 in Tennessee is the same as in Oklahoma? In other words, for any J route, there is only one number for the entire nation?


As a matter of fact, it is. I traced it from Boston into Mexico using SkyVector.



I am only about 30 miles from DFW so planes that take off of 17R generally come over my house, unless they go north, but the the traffic is very heavy here and being that it is American’s largest hub MD80s (I hate those now…) are constantly over my house… I really just want to use it so I can quickly go through the list and see the few heavies that depart here and see if they will be soaring over my house. Even though I am not right next to DFW the heavies are still easily visible and tails can easily be seen and recognized. Also there are a few En-Route highs south of my house and west (going over DFW) that can give some nice views of contrails.