Route line is not showing in the MAP

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I have already programed flightaware map and it is showing into my website but flight line is not showing. In other hand the destinations is showing in the map. Even when the flight status in the air the line is not showing.

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Would you be able to provide a link or screenshot so we can see what is happening?

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Below is a test for different reading. example to test is Air India flight 996, status in the air and finding as below :

My map

Flightaware map

In my map you will find a line and airplane moving as flightaware map

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Were you using a MapFlight or MapFlightEx? What flightid were you using?

I am using MapflightEx

Without being able to see when you made the query, we cannot diagnose if the output is correct or not. I would try another query and see if it is providing the expected result.

I have tried another flight and the lines in the maps didn’t show as below :

And what FlightId did you use for that flight?

Please find below :

$params = {“faFlightID”:“KAC172-1515738354-airline-0191”,“mapHeight”:“500”,“mapWidth”:“500”,“layer_on”:[“country boundaries”,“US state boundaries”,“water”,“US major roads”,“airports”,“asia country boundaries”,“US Cities”,“european country boundaries”,“ajor airports”,“track”,“flights”],“layer_off”:[“radar”],“show_data_blocks”:true,“show_airports”:true,“airports_expand_view”:true,“latlon_box”:[52.026421,6.543125,27.226567,49.968928]}

$options = array(
‘trace’ => true,
‘exceptions’ => 0,
‘login’ => ‘AbduljalilAlojan’,
‘password’ => ‘key’,

$client = new SoapClient(‘HTTP://’, $options);


These are the codes being the map and destination with out the airplane and lines within the map

Dear your kind support please , Thanks a lot

Dear , I am still facing problem into my system . Now when the flight in the air , the map get blank like below

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What faFlightID are you looking at in that screenshot? That flight (KNE24) does not operate today (2018-01-17),, so I don’t think it would have been enroute at the time of your screenshot. Be sure that you are determining that the flight is enroute by checking that (actualdeparturetime != 0 && actualarrivaltime == 0).

I notice in your previously supplied sample code that you are specifying “latlon_box”. Is it possible that your code has miscomputed the rectangle to be an area of the ocean where the plane is not visible?

Also, you probably intend to say “on the way” rather than “in the way” for your status text when it is enroute.

There is also a typo in your layer_on list of “ajor airports”

Hi AbduljalilAlojan,

For maps not updating:
Can you please examine how the faFlightID is being selected on your side? When using FlightXML3 FlightInfoStatus it looks like howMany: 1 is being provided. Often the first result is a scheduled flight for a few days in the future and not the current day’s flight. Please set howMany between 10 and 15 and verify that the correct day’s flight is being used to get accurate maps.

For the “blank” map:
Can you please re-check how you are computing values for the latlon_box? In the case above (KNE24) it looks like latlon_box: [2, -2, -2, 2] was provided. This area is all ocean/water and would appear correctly empty.