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How can I display a map of the flight route? I have entered the airline and flight number and selected the “Track Flight” button. The stats appear, but I do not see a map. Thanks.


what operating system and browser are you using?


I have the Windows XP OS and Internet Explorer 8.


Can you see a map when you open this link? … /KJAX/KCDW

Can you post the details of the flight you’re tracking?


The map of flight VNR169 did not display at first. While attempting several times to copy the screen into this post, the map did finally appear. Whatever issue I had, it seems to have resolved itself. Thank you for taking the time to help a “newbie” to FlightAware! Shelley


Glad to have been of some assistance Shelley.

Welcome to Flightaware.


Noticed 3 buttons on stats page “PiAware” “FlightAware” “MLAT” on one setup, but it’s missing on other setups.
Does it only appear for PiAware/Debian Add-onn installation setups or I have some data missing in data stream from setups without buttons in stats page?