Displaying flights on map

For two days now no plane symbols of flights are showing on area maps yet specific tail numbers I ask for are. What to do?


It is not working for me either. How many others are having the same problem?

I have had the same problem for the last few days. I can see specific flights that I ask for, but otherwise I see no flights on the map.

How to remedy?

Same for me. Where did the nearby flights go?

No aircraft visible on the map for days now. What’s going on? Have not seen anything posted from FlightAware regarding issues. Anyone have a clue???

One of our developers posted something above^^

Update: This feature has been reenabled now that we’ve addressed the performance issues. Thanks for your patience!

thank you for working on it. I see the flights but no info.

Sorry, it was mentioned in the other topic but not here. The missing flight info on the /live map was an oversight, and will be corrected with tomorrow afternoon’s release.

Thank you, I enjoy it very much. 73