Wondering about Republic and if anyone has a good idea on what they are hiring with. I currently have 950 total and 75 multi. 4 year degree. Commercial multi, CFII. Appreciate any info. Ive heard mixed reviews some say they are only hiring with much higher time and I have heard they are similar to everyone else.


**Here’s the good news: **
You may qualify with as little as 800 hours Total Time ( Fixed Wing)
100 hours MEL
100 hours Instrument Time

And now the bad news…
All pilots receive a guarantee of 75 flight hours per month; current rates of pay are $22.95 per flight hour for the first year and $30.88 for the second year, with annual increases thereafter. In addition to your monthly guarantee, you will receive per diem of $1.60 per hour.


That’s $20,655 the first year. That’s more then I made year 1 at AirNet moons ago :unamused: Of course I made almost $57,000 as a 3rd year Lear FO on the road 40 weeks/yr.

Hey year 2 is almost $27,800. Man-o-man after taxes you’d be set.

What a wretched industry.


That’s pretty close to what the decent regionals are paying first year FOs. You could go to skywest and make 19/hr your first year. Heck you could even go to work for Mesa and get paid only by flight hour. If you sit on the ground for five hours in Newark waiting in line for the runway, you don’t get paid. …so I’ve heard anyway. Everyone I’ve talked to that works for Republic likes working there.



Considering I make quite a bit more than that (not to brag, just for the sake of this discussion) and I don’t have hundreds of peoples lives and safety in my hands on a daily basis.

Really seems under-compensated to me when you look at what’s at stake.





It’s supply and demand. There’s always little boys growing up wanting to be pilots. As long as there are more of them then there are cockpit seats, it won’t be a high paying profession to start out in.


Admittedly, the guys flying the big planes with good seniority make good money…but it’s a really long road to get there.

And one of the side effects is also that’s it’s difficult to change jobs/airlines due to the seniority system.


Air Transport World names Republic Airways “2008 Regional Airline of the Year”

Pay does suck but you get upgraded pretty quickly. 2 years or less. Depending on where you are based (flying the ERJ 145 or 175) you can possibly be making $63.00 an hour as a Captain. Not to mention (again depending on what side of Republic you get hired on) you have benefits on the partners that you are flying for. For instance, a GSO based First Officer gets Delta, US Airways, and United benefits for you and your family. A CMH based pilot gets all 5 (Delta, US Airways, United, Continental, and American) Very rare on the other regional airlines! :smiley: … ublic.html