So… there’s an ad in the local paper… “Corporate pilot”. Salary looked a bit low… was wondering what it should be… noting that there is no income tax, just a small amount deducted for National insurance. For that salary it would be -$68 a month…

“Minimum 5 years experience as a commercial pilot and a skilled engineering background to include UAV operation & development.”

[Thought the number of years wasn’t important, 1000 hours in 2 years is better than 500 in 5 eh?]

"Fixed wing and Helicopter ratings. Basic hour requirements are currently 3500 hours total time, 2500 hours multi-engine with 3000 hours as captain. (300 hours on type- Pa34-200T) A sound knowledge of the local area, international experience and aircraft management is preferred.

Salary $500.00 per week."

Its posted by a construction company… Good luck to them.


Gotta’ be a misprint, or a timewarp.


Those kind of ads pop up from time to time. Obviously written by some secretary who has a friend of her cousin who is a student pilot that gave her some ideas on what kind of qualifications to ask for.
I say if we want to keep reasonable salaries then everybody here who is remotely qualified (!) send a resume but tell them the salary is not enough. Maybe they will get the idea. Unfortunately these days they will probably get 25 resumes from dual rated pilots with 300 hours of Seneca time who are desperate for work.
Years ago when Frank Borman was hired to run Eastern it became an industry joke that you had to have a moon landing to get an interview with the airline.



So that’s why they never called! :wink:


I’m surprised they didn’t list “Space Shuttle type rating required.”


Can I get that at Simuflite? Do they do Difference training in the Titian Rocket?