King Air 300 Pay???Help!

I fly a B200 now, owners buying a B300 next week. Going to school soon. I pretty much manage, arrange all flights with passengers, all their details, maint., etc. All I do is take care of this plane for the 2 owners (brothers). I told them that it is more money to fly this. They said ok and how much does a 300 Pilot make? I said I will let you know. I think I should at least be on the high side of average being that I am basically the sole manage/pilot/travel agent for them? I can’t wait for my Pro pilot issue to come out next month. I need to know NOW! I have 6600 total time with 1000 King air time…


There have been a few threads on this from time to time… look a bit lower in this index-- or search

Here’s one to start you off… Good luck!!

I assume by B300 you are speaking of the King Air 350 which requires a type rating so that is worth somethng. It makes you more valuable as not just anybody can jump in and fly for them. Then again this will depend on how many 350’s are based in your area.

From what little information you provided, it sounds like you work for very good people.

I think there are alot of variables such as the number of hours and when you fly and where you are located. If the brothers own a business and have you on their payroll with benefits that is a plus too.

If I were depending on you for business needs during the week and trusting my family to you on the weekends… my guess would be in the $100k range.

The 200 was replaced by the 300 which was then replaced by the 350.

For the OP, this isn’t the best place to find the answer you’re looking for. Wazzu’s suggestion of $100k is hopeful at best, absurd at worst. (no offense waz.) It really depends on location, but I would guess closer to $60k on the high side, starting pay. Increase as neccessary since you already have time with them.
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Technically the 200 is either a 200 (early models 70’s and early 80’s) or B200 post 1984ish. Also a B200C model with factory cargo door. The 300 is a 300 and the “350” is a B300 also available B300C.

Regarding pay… as I said there are alot of unknown variables. Your new company will pay a 10 year Capt in the $100k range with zero responsibility beyond Captain. Show up for your scheduled shift and go home. This guy is on the hook 24/7/365 and also responsible for all management, scheduling (factor in the brothers’s wives, ex-wives, goomahs and kids) and mx issues.

I know several KA350 pilots and other corporate pilots in a more rural setting and this is about what they are worth.