Lear Jet pay scale


Does anyone have the NBAA pay scale laying around? If so I was wondering about the average, as well as the high pay for lear 31a, 55, 60 part 135. Thanks in advance.


I work in South Florida and a PIC will get anywhere from $350 to $400


I know FO’s 50 to 80K, & Capt 55 to 100K, in 30 series. These jobs are Part 91 not charter. I know of charter jobs w/ 35/55 pilots FO 30k & Capt 45k :frowning:


Thanks for the input, but I was looking for the NBAA figures. If anyone subscribes I’d appreciate the info.


Wow, I never knew they made that much. That is very competitive with the airlines, and of course, a little more job security.


The NBAA Compensation & Benchmark Survey (CBS) includes data for Part 91 operations, but does not include salary structures for Part 135 operators. My understanding from my charter friends is their salaries are lower than Part 91 – they’re always complaining that they don’t get paid enough!


I have flown both Part 135 and Part 91. You can make more money part 91 but you fly your butt off. I have actually contracted for a companies in South Florida that paid really well and some that didnt.


I fly PIC in a Lear 35 out of TEB part 135. Pay is $65,500. Hope that helps.


A 12 year captain with Netjets can see 175-200k a year 1st year F/O makes around 60k a year


To bad NetJets doesn’t fly any model of LearJet.


Found this:

Kalitta Charters

King Air 200: 1
DA20 cargo: 7
DA20 pax: 1
Lear 36XR: 1
Lear 36: 1
Lear 35XR: 2
Lear 35: 1
Lear 25: 7
Lear 24: 1

Captains: $5,000 to 8,000 per month
FOs: $2,500 to 3,000 per month


Less than an IT job. Guess that’s why half the aircraft owners around me are IT guys.

Desktop and Server people park on the ramp.
Software and Network people have hangars.

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Reason I said that is because I’m going Aviation > IT, IT as a fallback and I don’t wanna hear anything that makes me second guess my decision! :smiley:


I fly a L35 for a medavac company in AK 8 days on 8 days off pay is 76,000.


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