Contract Pilot Day Rate

Anyone know a good source (i.e., link on the internet) for a reference on daily pay rates for contract corporate (or charter) pilots?

I have seen a few links, like Avcrew, but they are not free. Anyone know a free link?


(or, an average rate for a B200/300 FO and CAPT).

Rates for a KA200/300 Captain would be in the $350 to $550 a day range depending on location, experience,aircraft type, etc…

I charged $400/14 duty day. Longer duty days charged an additional $200 up to 18 hour duty. Longer then that required minimum 2 days and 10 hours rest. That was as an FO on Lear’s/CE550/CE560/CE560XL. As a capt. it was $600/14 hours…$300 up to 18. On the Sabreliner (larger a/c) everything was $50 more. Also required a per diem of $30-50/day depending on where we were, and they covered hotel/car/misc. expenses via reimbursement.

**Make up a contract and GET IT IN WRITING.
So for a B200 I’d guess $300/$450 for FO/Capt.

Another place to ask might be

Keep in mind if you do a lot of contract work, or to get maximum pay; get insurance and keep current at FSI. Those 2 alone can be up to $20000/year. It will cost you but might also get better pay and more work. When I was doing nothing but contract flying, I could have flown 25/day/mo. That would have made me close to $12000/mo. out of that I paid my own taxes every quarter. My best month was real close to $11000. my worst month was about $1200, so it averages out. The nice thing was I only had to work 6/days/mo to cover all my monthly living expenses. 11 trips/mo covered all my living and business expenses.

I didn’t get rich doing it, but I was never hungry either. I would love to start doing it again, but now family obligations (like health insurance a pension, and 401(k) come first.

Word of mouth is also a good source. If no family obligations, touring musicians are a consideration as the contract can be a 3 - 6 month commitment. Alternating right and left seat with a buddy can pay $500/day with hotel/car/food covered, and in some cases all other expenses such as entertainment, reimbursed. May not get rich doing that either, but may result in a nice few weeks or months off afterwards.

thanks for all the respnses…

they were helpfull and I appreciate it…


nice way to look for work.