Company Hiring Pilots

Anyone know of any company/ person hiring pilots?

Most of the regional carriers (Mesa, Skywest etc) are hiring, starting at about $18- $21hr for right seaters.

Fractional – NetJets, Citation Shares, Flight Operations? Best to use there online form. All require a ATP – good luck

check out
You need a membership to view the details, but even without a membership you can see a ton of companies hiring, everything from bannertow/traffic watch to B747 pilots in eastern countries.

If you share your experience and licenses you’ll probably get some more pertinent responses.

Every one of the fractionals are hiring, Sentient, Linear, Alpha Flight, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Heavy metal? America West just recalled 100 pilots and is actively seeking applications.

Got a float rating? Seaborne is constantly on the lookout for Twin Otter drivers.



I am pretty sure that sentient does not have any pilots or aircraft they are strictly a charter broker. You could try a great site for talking to people about employment

Sentient is interviewing pilots.



What are your times and most recent experience?


Where did you find that sentient is hiring I looked at their home page and nothing listed they are just a broker and a bad one at that. If they were hiring pilots anyone would have to be nuts to work for them. I have done many trips for them and basically they believe that the pilots are the lowest man on the totem pole. Catering is the most important thing to them. We have had times when they couldn’t get the destination right for their clients. But not to worry we were fully stocked on “Sentient” napkins.



Perhaps Sentient is changing their business?

I know two pilots who recently interviewed with them, although I don’t know in what capacity.

Doesn’t change the fact that there are plenty of flying opportunities available if you’ve got the time and the tickets.



Some additional places to check would be the companies that are now advertising right here on FlightAware as charters, etc. Some of them have sections for pilots in their websites. Also you could check I saw some offers there. Finally there is always “It’s not always what you know, but who you know” Keep you eyes and ears open! Good luck! … 030344.htm

I dont know if this site will help or not but it lists a lot of companies, whether they’re hiring or not, what type of planes they fly, and what it pays

Times are as follows:

860 TT
805 SEL
52 MEL
177 Complex
84 High Performance
85 Instrument (38 Actual)
260 XC
125 Night
765 PIC
315 As Instructor

With the flight times you have my suggestion would be to try some of the Grand Canyon Tour outfits in either Las Vegas (HND or VGT) or in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Two that come to mind are King Airelines in HND and Vision at VGT. I built about 800 hours there in a little over a year about 6 years ago and I know their minimums vary from 500/50 to 800/100. It’s great experience and Part 135. King flies C-206’s, C-207’s, and C-402’s and I think Vision has some Chieftains left and the Dorniers. The pay isn’t great (plan on having a night job or a couple of room mates) and the trips are hot in the summer and cold in the winter but high density altitude at gross weight really sharpens your skills! Good luck!

Here is a sight that shows info about that airline including pay and if they are hiring.

Wow that last post kinda reminds me of one made about 5 posts ago.

What, you want people to read the thread before posting!? Thats absurd!

What, you want people to *read *the thread before posting!? Thats absurd!