pilot search

does anyone know where a good site to post pilot wanted ads? i may be looking for a bell 230 pilot.


Or, if you want to post an ad at a site that does not charge out of work pilots try www.companyairplane.com.

The admins of PPW have been known to give unemployed folks free trial memberships, one need but ask.

And the $20 annual fee they request is generally considered money well spent.

I have seen people use findapilot.com/ You can specify what kind of aircraft you want the pilot to be qualified and I think the Bell 230 is an option.

Hey jet - although I have no rotor experience, if you give me two weeks I’ll go to the Commercial Pilot Academy, learn all about flying and stuff, and be your man. I figure I could start the week after next.

Agreed. Also findapilot.com has been reference on the above site as a good source.

If you would like, PM me, and I will post your request on propilotworld.com in the Job Posting section.

I am looking for 230 resumes to send to a Caribbean client. We have NOT closed yet so it is not a 100% sure job opening.

Send to michael @ roberts . aero
tel 1 307 920 0700

I am at OPF.