Aviation Jobs

Hello everyone,

I was jobless and had no income, I was paying good money I didn’t have to be a member to a paid pilot job board and all I was finding were ridiculous international jobs. I’m sure some of you are/were in my same situation.

I developed www…com its a 100% free aviation job board with US jobs only. Please tell your friends.

www…com - good luck with your careers.


Most likely, but it’s free and 100% non-profit - so it’s like that ‘tastes a little better than actual spam, spam’

spams gross.

When I first looked at this I was going to say he should pay to advertise on FlightAware. However, once I looked at the web page I realized it was a free service (at least for people looking for jobs - I didn’t check to see if it cost job posters anything) and decided that it was more of a service rather than a money-making web site.

It’s totally free for all users. That’s why I don’t feel bad ‘spamming’ it. It’s a good service in a time of a bad economy.

I couldn’t care less if it was spam, I just like that picture of the dude in the spam suit, thought it was funny.

He does have google ads, and IIRC that does generate some income, so it could be called spam.

Again, I don’t really care, thought it was a funny pic.

What if that was you in the picture, and on every forum anywhere you had to look at yourself.

Can’t think of anything more terrible.