Great Charter Company


If you want to advertise, FlightAware will gladly sell you ad space.

Their website lists the LR-25 as having a longer range then the LR-35.

They really know their airplanes…

Bettles Airport’s 5190 foot runway is well equipped to handle charter aircraft of all sizes. Conveniently located about 0 miles from the city of Bettles, Alaska. Bettles Airport is the logical choice for both business and leisure travelers in the Bettles area.

Should you wish to secure a charter flight to or from Bettles Airport, please feel free to call your Personal Charter Consultant at 866.582.7490.

HAHAHAHA Bettles AK is a Gravel strip. I’d love to see them land a BBJ there! Wow no wonder this chick tried to advertise for free on this site! STUPID!

We do, thank you. But we are a brokerage company, and have a great reputation for service. If you find anything wrong, please don’t hesitiate to contact me directly, flyboy.


Apparently, you can’t read. fly “boy”. I am a BROKER for the company.

Do you know what a broker is? And by the way, Im a former pilot.

Not to nitpick…well, yes, to nitpick, if you notice the time stamps on the posts, not to mention the order, you would notice that flyboy made those statements BEFORE you posted that you were a broker…


Regardless of WHAT you do, the FlightAware forums is the WRONG place to try to get free advertising. Spamming the forums is NOT tolerated by the site administrators and your message will be removed. In the meantime, you will receive lots of hateful replies and will see a large increase of spam in your email inbox as a result of posting your address here! Members will sign you up for every “joke-of-the-day” Web site imaginable :smiling_imp:

Way to go team! We ran her lame ass off!

Guys be nice!

I spoke to the lady and she was very nice. She did not intend to do anything wrong. You guys scare me sometimes… LOL :mrgreen:

I thought we were being nice… :open_mouth:

Thanks Joel :slight_smile: guess formed AFSOC members dont get any respect around here :stuck_out_tongue: