Replacing Nooelec R820T with Flightstick Pro - how to

Im replacing my aging dongles with newly acquired flightsticks

Do I just plug the new ones in, or does it require additional setup ?
I also feed to FR24 and PF.
(its been years since I fiddled with the setup, so I should be called a newby :confused: )

… almost forgot to mention, I use 1 x Pi2 and 1 x Pi3 running PiAware


Ah-Ha !

just plugged in and repowered, all running 100% … I think, as I see all my AC

MLAT works on Pi3, but not on Pi2 :unamused:

any ideas ?

Please see this thread regarding the Pi 2: ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/trouble-with-mlat-t39426.html