Removal of stolen photos?


I am a fairly avid aviation photographer, and I logged onto FlightAware today to check the activity at my local airport, 4A7 Tara Field.

I noticed that a photo had been uploaded for the aircraft N802DC, which is a Hawker 800 that is a usual at the airport. Upon a closer look at the photo, it’s actually one of my photos! User “jhkeahey” uploaded it and did not ask my permission to use it. I’d like to have the photo removed… This is the page with the photo: Stolen Photo

The original photo was taken from my DeviantArt page here: Original Photo

I’d really like to see a way you can contact a specific user (such as through their photo page) to have them delete the photo or a way you can suggest deletion of photos…

Thank you,

Josh Frizzell


Thanks for the report, I’ve removed the photo and sent a warning to the user.


Thank you!