Remote view of PiAware coverage


I installed a PiAware box at my office which is about 30 miles away. I am trying to determine how good the coverage is. Is there a way to see what the box is tracking without being on the local network? I’d like to use SkyView or similar functionality, while not on the local network. Is this possible?

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Maybe you have to deal with your network admin to add your Piaware box into the DMZ or redirect ports to your piaware box to be reachable from the outside.
Beware of ssh if you’ve enable it … as default user and password are on the internet, you have to change the pi user password. SSH is not enabled by default on piaware.


I don’t understand most of that, but I’ll see if our IT department does. Thank you for the input! It’s too bad you can’t click on a specific PiAware site in the rankings list and just see what that box is tracking. I guess it’s more complex than it sounds.

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if you visit your site via FA you can have a rough idea what your machine is doing by checking the stats. USER NAME/stats-YOUR PIAWARE 5 NUMBER SITE ID


If you also feed some of the other providers, one or two provide real time access to your data on their website.


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This is great! Thanks a lot! I will try installing this on one of the boxes for testing coverage. Very helpful. Thanks again!


Bummer! Wish they had the option of flashing the software like PiAware and FR24… I’m pretty much Linux-Stupid. I will try to follow the directions though. RadarBox looks very cool!

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So I’m familiar with Flightaware, FR24, and RadarBox. What others are there? Which is “best” ?

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You can always try


We use zerotier VPN to see remote our 30 remote sites with no problem, no forward ports, no messing with router, etc. I posted a tutorial in one of my replies, I think if you search my posts you could find it. (areyes). If not send me private message



Dataplicity is amazing. I use it too.


Is the free account ample for logging into a RaspPi to monitor tracking? Not sure what the data requirements would be.

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Do you use the free account? Is that ample?



When you click that link, is it only showing flights tracked by your box specifically?

If so, that’s exactly what I want to do!



Yes the free account is enough to do what you want to do. The free account lets you SSH into the pi or if you enable their proxy it will give you a link you can click to connect to your FlightAware Map View through their proxy. Go check it out, it is the solution you seem to be looking for.


Will do! Thanks a ton!