Idea: VPN/proxy Skyview for access outside private LAN


FlightAware provides terrific accessibility to our PiAware devices. The only shortcoming is that we can only use Skyview when are are on the same local network. I was toying with the idea of trying to punch through an obscure port on my router so I could reach my Skyview externally. Or setting up a vpn or ssh tunnel. And then I thought… what if the FlightAware “My ADS-B” personal user page actually included safe and private access to the PiAware, which was running the other end of some kind of VPN or ssh or tunnel software?


There is software that allows you to do this.
Here is one that people like because free and easy to use

We have a forum page for features requests. Updating the Skyview map is on our roadmap. This has been suggested a few times.