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New ADS-B Feed


I am trying to encourage a friend to install an R-Pi with PiAware.

If I give them a system with a PiAware image do they have to have an FA account or will skyview operate initially without a registered account?

Initial setup is something the average person does once so easy to forget procedure.


You don’t need an account for the image to work.

The station will just remain unclaimed.
MLAT won’t work.

Claim the station for yourself and adjust the location on map for their place. Then they can still see it on their network. Add ZeroTier remote networking and SSH so you can remote access it.

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I do similar already, I live in UK and look after a Pi located at a friend’s home in California.

This other friend was fascinated with my set up, already uses the FR24 mobile app but I would prefer he uses the FA PiAware setup rather than the FR24

I’ll work on him :sunglasses: