Remote ssh login fails at fresh ver 3.6.1 install

Due to some upgrade issues I was forced to install a new image on my SD card. So I used a fresh FA image, containing version 3.6.1.

I have enabled WiFi, put the SD back in the RPi, hooked up everything and my receiver is back in business.

Now I want to install VNC viewer so I can visually approach my RPi to do some tweaking.
I use my Mac to gain access via the Terminal window using the SSH line. Whatever I try, I’m not able to login using login name (Pi) and password (flightaware).

Is this password changed in the latest version, or am I doing something wrong?

Plz help

Found the solution. Just add a file named SSH (no extention) to the root of the SD card to enable SSH at the RPi. Maybe this can be useful for others too.

3.6.1 ? you do know 3.6.2 is now out?

Sorry, Typo. Must be 3.6.2 indeed

When I ran the upgrade, part way through it reported 3.6.1. When the upgrade finished, it reported 3.6.2