Remote Desktop?

Is there anyway to telnet is ssh into the Raspberry Pi? It is a lot of trouble to connect to a tv monitor, hook up keyboard and mouse where I have mine located.

Yes, you can ssh to the IP as provided in your stats page. Username pi password raspberry

I think it would be a good idea to change at least the password. ssh-enabled boxes with default username/password is not good
at all, even if most of these (hopehully) are behind NAT i.e. don’t have direct access from the public internet.

I’d change the usename as well (create newuser with sudo rights similar to pi, passwd newuser, login as newuser, delete user pi).

The next step would be to start using keys and change PasswordAuthentication to no in /etc/sshd_config, but this is not very
easy unless one is familisr with ssh keys.

I use xrdp on the RPi.Install xrdp on RPi. Then i used remote desktop using the IP to pull up a GUI. Other times I used putty and telnet into the RPi.

sudo apt-get install xrdp

DUDE!!! Add this one the the FAQ NOW!!! AWESOME!