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View RADAR direct to Pi

I have built the Radar on the raspberry Pi and I connect via an IP address from the PC its been running for 8 months now OK
But I want to output the pi via an HDMI cable from the PI to a monitor.
At the minute all I can see is a dos/command box
Tried Tel netting from a PC but its refused
Hope I come across ok

Telnet is not working on Raspberry, you will need SSH

The map can be shown directly on a connected TV/monitor
But you will need to install the graphical desktop environment on the Raspberry and launch a browser (e.g. Firefox) on it.

HDMI outputs the Raspberry directly which is only a login prompt without the graphical desktop
If your TV is a smartTV then you can use the built-in browser accessing the Raspberry similar to what you do on your PC

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