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Local Remote Access to RPi

Hi all,

I know this topic has been kind of touched on already, but is there a way to access my RPis locally, but remotely, if that makes sense?

Both of my RPis are in my loft, so if I want to try changing a gain, for example, I have to get up there and bring it downstairs to plug it into a monitor and spare keyboard etc.

I’m not bothered about internet access, just some way of accessing the command line stuff from my home PC on the same network :thinking:

Headless access via ssh? That is usually the way to go. You‘ll have to enable it on the Pi and use a ssh client, eg putty for windows, on the other device. And it requires a little knowledge about how the linux terminal works, but that’s not that difficult und really useful to learn.

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Thank you @biekerc :+1:

For Beginners - How-to SSH to RPi - Setup Putty in Windows

For Beginners - How to Set / Change Gain

But changing gain depends on what image / decoder you use.
Did you run one of those two, then there are shortcuts to change gain:
Automatic installation for readsb · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub
Automatic installation for dump1090 fa · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub

You really need to provide some info on your setup when asking these questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I have 3 x RPi4’s in my loft and when I initially set them up I install XRDP and use Microsoft Remote Desktop on either PC or Mac (nicer interface on Mac for some strange reason) so I get straight to the RPi desktop when connected.

I also use SSH but almost always reach for RDP when I need to access the Pi’s even if all I do when I get there is open a Shell to the command line!


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Thanks all - there’s some bed time reading in there for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I successfully used your dump1090 fa script on both my PRis and they’re both running great in the loft and being monitored on my PC downstairs :+1:

Putty worked amazingly - thank you so much; that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve :smiley:

Ive been using Bitvise SSH Client, is there an advantage of putty?

I’ve only just started using PuTTY, so cannot comment really.

I downloaded RaspController for Android this morning and that’s good for mobile phone use.

No difference for our purpose. Bitvise has a bit more options for other connections.

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I use ConnectBot which is a lightweight, powerful, open source SSH for Android. One can predefine connections and logins for one touch access to SSH enabled systems.

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PuTTY is working really well for me!

I’ve also added a Philips Hue smart plug, to the mains feed, so I can remotely power cycle my feeds, as I find that very occasionally the RPis will go off-line and cannot be reached.

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