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Any recent attempts to remotely control Rpi using Piaware image?

Hi! Can this be done? Any recent and succesful attempts?

It depends on how you want to control it.

ssh works for command line. just put ssh or ssh.txt blank file in the root partition to enable it.

For GUI you can use realVNC.

You can also use RDP for remote GUI, however, I think VNC is more common.

For connecting to an RPI on another network, lookup port forwarding. It is router specific and has security implications.

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If you start with Raspbarian, it comes with a licenced copy of RealVNC, so that is an easy start.

Just checking, but what does “remote” mean to you? (inside or outside your firewall?)

Hi geckoVM!

Yes it would be for me to be at a remote position (on the go) and be able to access the Rpi located somewhere else. I.E change gain, reboot, etc