Regular 747-400 Freighter from Sharm el Sheik (HESH / SSH)


Just returned from a weeks vacation in Sharm el Sheikh and while I was there I noticed a daily (?) flight departure at around 3p.m. local time of a 747-400 freighter. I can’t find this flight in Flight Tracker. Has any one any information about the flight? (Airline? Destination?) The flight caught my attention because, unlike all other departures from SSH on the southerly runway, the 747 pilots appear not bank left at about 500 feet to avoid the local hotels (i.e. mine). :frowning:


Transaero has a daily flight that departs Sharm el Sheik at 14:35 using a 747-300 or 747-400, depending on the day of the week. It’s not a cargo flight, though. The 747-300 would look similar to a 747-400 freighter.