Recurring track discrepancy

The last 3 times I’ve flown between EVB (Florida) and TOC (Georgia) in N260BG, always on IFR flight plans, the FA track line is only visible from the FL-GA border north to TOC, and nothing shows south of there to EVB. Twice it was TOC to EVB, and once the other way around. Why?

Coincidentally, it is at about the area where they always ask for a change in altitude (up or down 1000) when leaving or entering Florida.



From the flight track, my guess is your experience is like mine. Some approach controllers inputs don’t interface very well with FA compared to centers. It looks like your track begins (or ends) from the handoff from an approach controller to center. See N1943L (yesterday’s flight) and it terminated or started with Atlanta center on my journey to Bessemer Alabama.

Also see … highlight= midway down for further discussions with the Flight Aware web site developers regarding this very same topic.


Thanks for the info and the link to that other thread. In my case, this seems to be happening in a location where Jacksonville Center and Approach hand off to each other. Do you think one of them is not inputting the data the same way the other is doing it?

On the north end of the trip, the track shows nicely whether I am followed by Atlanta Center or Atlanta Approach.

Dunno, will leave that question to be answered by the FA developers, but like you, for me, KJAN approach, I am picked up almost immediately by the FA website.

Yesterdays flight, picked up my IFR in the air at KJAN and was picked up at 2100 feet. Did the same exact steps for KEKY, and was picked up and in the system at 2,400 with Birmingham approach.

FA didnt pick me up until 6000 and based on the beginning of the track log and map, it was when I was handed off to Atlanta center. Even further down the line, when handed off to KJAN, FA tracked my descent down to where I cancelled in the air.

So, something is very different between Birmingham approach and Jackson approach in how the data is fed into the FAA systam and how FA picks up the data.