Raspios-buster-arm64-lite with Wi-Fi


Never used wi fi with any of my RPI versions. I am currently using the above OS. Do I need to re flash a SD card with ??? to switch on the Wi Fi. I need to put a PI4 up on a masthead enclosure and have run out of network cables, so, give wi fi a go.

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I have been doing some searching since my post, will this link in regards to setting up wi fi work with the debian buster lite I am currently using?? (not looked at you link yet)

For anyone that might be using Wi - FI, from looking at the documentation and Googling off that, there appears to be some problems with the RPI 4 and wi fi distance, anyone having such distance problems from their router, this might throw a spanner in the works for what I am planning.

If wifi is not disabled (which is not by default) you should be good to go.

Simply launch sudo raspi-config and select SSID plus password. After a minute it should be connected to the network

You can check the connection on command line with sudo iwconfig

Yes, I did that and that check script indicated no wireless extensions

In this case the wireless extensions need to be installed first.

What’s the output of sudo ifconfig ?
There should be at least an interface named “wlan0” visible.



Raspbian Image - Howto Enable & Configure WiFi Before First Boot



Thanks all. Didn’t have to use config before 1st boot but thanks for that link. Have now confirmed one of my masthead RPI 4’s is now working on Wi - Fi. Thanks for your replies. Config’d via sudo raspi-config. Now I read somewhere today with these PI4’s that if you connect a network cable, it will turn off the Wi - Fi automatically … true or???

Using the Raspberry OS imager to burn the image is giving a more comfortable way to enable/configure WiFi before boot:

Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

Pressing CRTL-SHIFT-X while the imager is loaded opens a window where different settings including WiFi can be configured. Described here

Raspberry Pi Imager update to v1.6 - Raspberry Pi

Maybe you want to update your guide with it :slight_smile:

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