I recently got my PI running via Ethernet and decided to run WIFI. I followed the instructions and logged in; however, I didn’t see the WI-FI CONFIG ICON. I looked through these posts and found a command line command to run which successfully got my wifi running and my PI is reporting fine. Has anyone else had a problem seeing the WIFI CONFIG ICON or is it just me? I download the code last week and put it on the Micro SD card. Everything else works fine as far as I can tell. Thanks.

Are you running the standard FA-issued PiAware image? The WiFi config icon is only available when you have a monitor locally plugged into the Pi and start up the GUI desktop. You won’t see it if you log in via Terminal/SSH/Command Line

I’m assuming you used wicd-curses to set up wifi? In my opinion this is a generally better and more reliable method of configuring wifi on these things when compared with the GUI, so, good job!

Thanks for the reply. I connected a monitor, keyboard and mouse, the logged in and ran startx. Didn’t see any thing regard WIFI. I used a different command that I found in this discussion group which worked fine. Thanks again.