Raspi startup screen


Hi all,

Just installed and started the Piaware image on a Rpi3.
When it starts it boots into a startup/information screen, when you run the unit headless, how where is this screen/information locally available.




Step 5 says how to claim and see your data.


I’ve done, that and can see that,

I’m looking for the on the pi system statistics/status screen, that refreshes regularly.



You can get the status information from either the web browser pointed to your piaware site OR your my-ADSB stat page on FlightAware.com.

This link will show the status of your piaware site on your local network. (This link is found on your my-ADSB stats page under your “local IP” or “skyview” or on the HDMI startup screen)

Your my-ADSB stats page status link (this link found at the top of the flightaware.com website)
The links on your my-ADSB stats will only appear if you are logged into FlightAware and are viewing a site you claimed on your account.