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Raspi Pi gear required

Yes that is correct - N Connector male for the antenna, and SMA connector male for the dongle.

thanks Caius, ordered :slight_smile:

quick question for a possible future installation - at the moment I’m running with a 50ohm cable as suggested further up the thread. Is there an advantage to that over a 75ohm RG-6 Quad Shield Co-Ax cable ?

LMR400 is far superior to RG-6.
LMR240 is significantly better than RG-6.
LMR200 or CFD200 is also better than RG-6. (not sure how much better)

Just look up the attenuation at 1 GHz/ 1000 MHz.
That should be listed in the datasheet.

Less per 100ft is better. Note that it’s sometimes listed per 100m.

Hi Wiedehopf

Thanks that’s all I needed to know !

What’s your current setup including antenna, cabling and receiver?
Your stats don’t look too promising, but it might be the terrain. Not bad either though :slight_smile:

What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

You might benefit from a filter after all: https://www.amazon.com/ADS-B-Dual-1090-Band-Pass-Filter/dp/B010GBQXK8/

You might even consider using the current stick for the future installation and replacing your current setup with this combination: https://github.com/wiedehopf/adsb-wiki/wiki/Useful-items-for-purchase#highly-recommended-combination-of-lna--dongle
The LNA has very good filtering already built in.

it’s because of where it is situated, I have no choice at the moment but in the future I may do hence trying to do the homework on the cable

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If you add an amplifier (LNA) at the antenna, you can use the cheaper RG6 cable after that. I am using a 45 meter RG-6 cable.