Minimum Pi for 3.5 or future

Good Day:

I had a Raspberry Pi B+ that once I upgraded to the 3.5 would complain about processor load being greater than 100%.
I was running an openVPN server and a couple of other things on it. I’ve since replaced it with a Pi 3, and resolved the problem at that site.

I’m thinking of putting a new image on this B+ running only the FlightAware 3.5 and Plane Plotter upload. It’s going to a remote site, so I don’t want to risk needing to replace it in the near future.

So the question: Is the B+ really adequate for the current or planned flightaware software? or am I better off waiting and getting a 3 for future sites.


My station is a Pi B+ ( … stats-5252).
It runs following software:
(1) Operating System: 2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie-lite, (Linux raspberrypi 4.9.24+ )
(2) Decoder: dump1090-fa 3.5.0

(3) Flightaware feeder: piaware 3.5.0
(4) Planefinder feeder: pfclient 3.7.20
(5) FlightRadar24 feeder: fr24feed 1.0.18-9
(6) RadarBox24 feeder: rbfeeder 0.2.3-20170527202345

(7) Web Portal (Performance graphs, collectd/rrdtools)

Here are CPU Usage, Core Temprature (deg C), and Message rates

Why wouldn’t you just go with a Pi 3?

Yes, I have a bunch of B+ boards sitting around – but for anything new, or anything that’s not going to be in arm’s reach, I use a 3. I still have a 256mb board around; think I’ll put it in a “In case of emergency break glass” case and hang it on the wall.

In addition to more processing power and twice the memory, the 3 has better power supplies – good reasons to go with the 3.

Put in an old B+ now, and yes, it will work, but you’ll have little headroom for future expansion. Go with a 3 now and you can load in more software without having to worry about the hardware base.

(my opinion, and worth what you’ve paid for it – have fun)

bob k6rtm