Poor service w Rsp Pi 3 & Flightaware

I get tracking set up at the airport level, but RP3 keeps restarting every few minutes. After a while the frequency of these recycles increases.

Maybe a power supply issue?

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I agree with biekerc. Raspberry Pi 3 needs to be powered by a +5.1V micro USB supply. Exactly how much current (mA) the Raspberry Pi requires is dependent on what you connect to it. If yo purchase a 2.5A power supply from a reputable retailer, it will provide you with ample power to run your Raspberry Pi and most attached usb devices.

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Yep, PS issue. I had the same problem with my B+ and it turned out to be the PS went TU.
Now running a PI3 with the PS that came with it.
Id replace your PS with a robust one.

I spent a lot of time dealing with power supply induced problems.

My suggestion is to use power supplies from discarded brand name electronics. A number of them now use 5 VDC, and 3 or 4 A capacity. They are easily converted from barrel connector to micro USB, with a cheap pigtail converter available on eBay.

Just make sure they are indeed DC out, as some of them are AC, and also, pay attention to the polarity. On the barrel connector, positive must be inside, and negative outside.