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Raspberry pi2 Help

if “yes”, enables networking using the internal Pi 3 wifi or any detected wifi dongle.
My raspberry pi2 will not see the external dongle?
Any suggestions?

Is your wifi dongle on the ‘approved’ list?
If not, you’ll need to install the required files for your particular device.

I do not know where the approved list is?

Raspian is based on Debian, which might not have drivers for recently released hardware and out of the box it might also lack drivers or firmware that is not open source. Those can be installed via apt, like apt-get ralink-firmware or something like that. You’ll need to find out which type of chip is used, and connect your pi via ethernet.

I have older wlan dongles and ended up buying a wlan dongle that is supported out of the box, they are not that expensive and it makes life easier. Just look which are sold in shops specialising in products like the RPi.

I misread your post above.
30 sec on google found a page listing wifi adapters for RPi’s.
I don’t know current it is, but it’s a start.

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ok thank you, this will get me going I think.

Not entirely unrelated - as it happens, I grabbed a Pi2 and have brought it with me while traveling. When I grabbed it, I forgot It was a Pi2 and therefore had no wifi.

To get it running, my laptop has a wifi internet connection, so I’ve connected the Pi to my laptop via UTP and set the laptop to share it’s internet connection using win7 ICS.