Help Please

I have no idea how to make this thing work LoL.
I bought the Rasp Pi Mod B+ and the wireless usb nano adapter.
I installed software but cannot see anything or access the device?
tried Ethernet cable and still nothing
Can someone tell me how to make it work?
Also how do I install wireless adapter software?
Does it get installed on the Raspberry PI ?


Marty –

The first set of questions is how you got the software on the micro SD card for your B+.

If you got the software written to the card correctly, you should be able to connect your Pi up to a wired Ethernet network, with a HDMI display and keyboard connected, supply power, and see a lot of text scroll by on the HDMI display as the little beastie boots up.

That’s your first hurdle; getting it to boot up.

Once it boots up, you should be able to log in using the keyboard: the user name is “pi” and the password is “raspberry” (minus the quotes of course). Once you get to that stage, you can start adding software and configuring Wi-Fi.

Check the forums on the website, and on the website for getting started.

I’ll be around during the day Saturday if you have more questions; perhaps I can help out long-distance.

cheers and 73

bob k6rtm

OK I did not have monitor connected
Thought that it would show up on computer monitor.
I’ll get a hdmi cable and see what happens tomorrow.
I’ll let you know.
Thank you

…and maybe a USB keyboard and mouse…

(also helps if you have a second PC nearby to google things)

:laughing: Got it going thanks
Marty 73s