Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Released






3 ordered.
They usually announce new products on Feb 28.

March 14 was a tricky date. I forgot it was Pi day, for the few countries that use the US date format.

Good and bad news. The good news part is that they are still improving the Pi. The bad news is that a new Pi version with SSD is at least 2 years away.

Nice to see on Pi day! :slight_smile: Tried to order but already backordered? Might have to wait for Amazon.ca. Will just have to wait a bit.

It’s there already:


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I see there is a POE hat in the works.

It will make things simpler for those that want to put the RPIs in the attic or on a mast.

  1. CAN$ 50.55 = US$ 39.05 >> US$ 4 costlier than declared price of US$ 35

  2. TOTAL COST = CDN$ 50.55 + CDN$ 5.54 shipping = CDN$ 56.09

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True, but those that value ‘bragging rights’, and /or have an immediate need, will go for it. It’s only around $10 more, and that’s if shipping is free when buying directly, something I doubt.

I purchased from this vendor before. Wait a bit, and the price will go down, plus the shipping may be free.

With Pi PoE Hat, a separate PoE Splitter near Pi will be eliminated, but PoE injector near Router will still be needed.


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Another fantastic contribution, abcd567. I was just trying to visualize the new layout in my mind, and you put it on paper. Thanks!!!

Yes, you are right.

I have purchased both my Pis (Pi 1 B+ & Pi 2) from the same vendor (BuyaPi.ca). I think this is the only on-line vendor in Canada. There is/was a hobby shop at College Street near Toronto University, and its main customers were University students. Buying in-store will save shipping cost. As I was reluctant to drive through Toronto downtown traffic mess, I preferred to purchase on-line from BuyaPi.ca, paying $5 shipping, and waiting few days for delivery by Canad Post.

I have a switch with 4 POE ports so that is not an issue.

POE hat appears to not work with most cases. The one I just looked at required a jumper for network cable and hat stacks on over the Pi board. If I am looking correctly the external splitter is still the best option for those that need POE supply.
Until I saw the HAT line in the specifications I had the idea power was delivered directly through the lan jack just like most POE devices work.

Remains to be seen is how good is the onboard wi fi devices. That may give a lot of us a reason to upgrade. Like anything else new its a wait and see how much better these boards will be.

Not sure I agree with you. It looks like there are new pins(the 4 pin connector is loballed POE) on the board that should allow for the POE power to be fed to the POE hat. Otherwise, it is useless. Granted, it could limit the use of a lot of cases. I like to put my piawares in metal cases to reduce electrical noise.

Any links for Amazon.com?

No, sorry…but it’ll be there soon surely.

Newark has 150 boards in stock at $35 each. For me it means also $8.80 shipping, I think I’ll wait for Amazon (I have Prime there).

I had missed that connector in the info provided. Now if it is a power take off point from the rj45 connector on the main board that may also solve the case issue.

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Wonder if the POE specs are 802.3AT or AF for supply? Don’t see specs for the Pi HAT regarding requirements. Might explain why some POE installations might not work if requirement is AT (up to 30w) instead of 15w 802.3AF. I would expect the pi might need the extra wattage.

Buy a PoE HAT – Raspberry Pi click on specifications.
802.3af PoE

My RPI2 and 3s work well with an 802.3af switch. The RPI3B+ specs do say it requires more power and a good 2.5Amp power supply.

According to this article, Switching power supplies can exceed 90% efficiency.
2.5Amp@5v=12.5W so it needs to be 12/5/15 >84% efficient.

You can pre-order them at http://www.newark.com/ in the U.S. $US20 each.