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Range Rings not working

Hi. The Site Position and Range Rings are no longer working for me even though they are turned on in the configuration. I’ve toggled them off/on, rebooted my system and I can’t get them to work anymore. Not sure if this was something I did by accident or what is going on. I do have auto updates turned on though I’m not aware if they have updated. My ads-b pi4 has only been up for a month and it had been fine until a day ago ot so. I’m running version 3.8.1. I did check my location information was set correctly which it is. For some reason my system was not working for 3 hours on the 14th so I rebooted and shortly after realized the range rings were broken. Any ideas where to look to fix this issue.

Megan Q.

  1. Clear browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  2. Reload browser (Ctrl+F5)
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Much better. Thanks.